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Cruzan 'Black Strap' Navy Tradition 80 Prf :: Rum

Smoother than any other rum of its proof, Cruzan ® 656 is aged for a minimum of one year in American oak barrels and is crafted using our same careful process. The force, and rich flavor, are strong with this one.

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Cruzan Rum is a rum producer located in Saint Croix, . Virgin Islands. It is owned by Beam Inc..

Cruzan Black Strap Rum: How Best to Enjoy This Dark Treat

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Build over ice in an old fashioned glass

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This is only a problem when I live in New York. Manhattan's food scene is every bit as good as the tiresome, haughty transplants always tell you it is, with one notable exception: There are "real" Chinese restaurants where the rum punch and teriyaki joints are supposed to be. In fact, even though the new Serious Eats headquarters are in Chinatown, I never see any mai tai and eggroll references in the gloating afternoon updates about the daily lunch adventures. It's all "Just had the most amazing blowfish roe dumplings" and "OMG, I can't even look at another bowl of squid marrow soup!" Well bully for you, but where is the rum-fried rice?

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Jung & Wulff rums celebrate three influential places: Trinidad, Guyana and Barbados, each playing a crucial role in sugarcane and rum history. .

So if rums like Cruzan Black Strap, Bacardi Black and Kraken Black aren’t blackstrap—what are they?

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Two great tastes that taste great together: espresso-infused bourbon. Yes, that’s a thing. (Photo: 8585 at the Linq)


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Product name: Cruzan Black Strap Rum Brand name: Cruzan Rum Distillery: Alcohol by volume: 40% Alcohol proof: 80 Proof Age: Spices: Produced since: Country of O. 28 Black Acai Sugar Free 250ml (12x 250ml Cans). $ Quick View. Add to Cart.

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