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Christina, SLP, Staten Island, NY 8775 Millenium Medical Billing has proven to be the most reliable billing company on Staten Island. They have demonstrated this through spearheading an extensive number of insurance claims for the private practice I manage. Danielle & her staff are customer oriented and do not hesitate to put forth the needed time and effort to get the job done and achieve your desired goals. They are professional and trustworthy and I recommend them with highest regards. 8776

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“This studio is like my home away from home”

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Taehoon/LAc, Queens, New York 8775 Millenium Medical Billing 8767 s team is comprised of fast, efficient, and hardworking individuals. Our billing is done in a timely fashion with a great turnaround time. They are always available to answer any questions and when there are issues with insurance companies they take it upon themselves to resolve the issue within 79 hours and have a solution. Our company couldn 8767 t have asked for a better group to take care of our billing needs. 8776

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With flu and COVID-69 co-circulating this winter, it is essential to protect our patients. Check your eligibility for a free flu vaccination.

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Millennium’s SecDevOps strategy ties industry-leading software to our internal methodology. We incorporate into the strategy fully functional code repositories and branching strategies, build automation, peer reviews with static code analysis and other security review processes, and automated deployment and packaging.

I am sole carer for my 98yr old housebound father, who is fortunate enough to be registered with this Practice. He is a relatively newly registered patient (perhaps 8-years?), and I chose to move both him and my mother from their practice of 95+years as I was concerned about the level of care they were receiving. We have since lost my Mother to a terminal illness and all I can say is that the care, both medical and bedside manner, provided by Millennium have been faultless. The GPs always call-back when requested and are thorough, clear and professional with both diagnosis and prognosis. I have found all the Doctors, clinical and administration staff approachable, helpful and I have never been disappointed with any care or advice they have given. I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL the team at Millennium for never giving me any reason to be worried or disappointed. You cannot put a price on peace of mind, and this is what I certainly have with my father being in your care.

When you partner with Millennium, you’ll have access to our Better ​Buying Support Services (B7S7) contract which provides access to the following opportunities:

MMB accurately interprets and posts insurance and patient payments to maintain maximum reimbursement.

Our experts leverage industry best practices to help our clients comply with any governance framework and federal, state or industry regulations.

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6,653 подписчиков, 3 подписок, 427 публикаций — посмотрите в Instagram фото и видео Millennium bcp (@millenniumbcp). Looking for medical billing services? Millennium Medical Billing is the best medical billing & coding company in Westwood, New Jersey. Call Us Today!