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(PDF) Fault tree analysis of hydraulic power-steering system

Gates, Circuits, and Boolean Algebra Computers and Electricity A gate is a device that performs a basic operation on electrical signals Gates are combined into circuits to perform more complicated tasks

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Circle:  At its most basic, any item in a circle is a possible cause for the fault at the top of the diagram (or a fault in the AND gate, as explained below).

(PDF) Reliability Evaluation of Data Communication System Based on...

Voting gate - The output event occurs if k or more of the input events occur.


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analysis event tree analysis decision trees also exist and are used in risk analysis (combines all feasible alternatives, possible outcomes and their probabilities, monetary... Event tree analysis (ETA) and fault tree analysis (FTA) are two distinct methods for QRA that de-velop a logical relationship among the events leading to an accident and estimate the risk associated with the accident. The term “event” is frequently used in.