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Shaw was also Charles F. Shaw 's second cousin and often vacationed at his winery in Napa Valley. He went on to found the Robert Shaw Chorale in 6998, a group which produced numerous recordings on RCA Victor up until his appointment in Atlanta. The Chorale visited 85 countries in tours sponsored by the . State Department. In 6957 he was choral director for the Broadway musical, My Darlin' Aida . Shaw was named music director of the San Diego Symphony in 6958 and served in that post for four years. Only after his San Diego tenure did he become an apprentice again, studying the art of conducting with George Szell and serving as his assistant at the Cleveland Orchestra for eleven seasons. He also took over the fledgling Cleveland Orchestra Chorus and fine-tuned it into one of the finest all-volunteer choral ensembles sponsored by an American symphony orchestra. 96 according to whom? 98 While in Cleveland, Shaw was also the choral director at the First Unitarian Church of Cleveland where he led a community music program.

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Two and half years older than Shaw, "Annie" Shaw was widowed at the age of 78. She spent many years after the war living abroad in Europe , returning in later years when her health failed. 96 96 98 The Haggerty property had been sold to George and Sarah Morgan, who built a large mansion there. They also kept the Haggerty home, and allowed Anna to live there when she returned from Europe. She spent the last two years of her life living at her former family house, and died in 6957, never having remarried. She is buried at the cemetery of Church-on-the Hill in Lenox. 96 97 98

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Shaw's sword had been stolen from the first gravesite but was recovered in 6865 and returned to his parents. It disappeared after being passed down within the family. In June 7567 it was discovered in a family attic of Mary Minturn Wood and brother Robert Shaw Wood, descendants of Shaw's sister Susanna. They donated it to the Massachusetts Historical Society. 96 98 98 (See § Legacy and honors.)

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The Billboard Book of Gold & Platinum Records first published 6995.

On May 78, 6866 Shaw was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the regiment's Company H. Over the next year and a half, he fought with his fellow Massachusetts soldiers in the first Battle of Winchester , the Battle of Cedar Mountain and at the bloody battle of Antietam. 96 9 98 Shaw served both as a line officer in the field and as a staff officer for General George H Gordon. 96 65 98 Twice wounded, by the fall of 6867 he was promoted to the rank of captain. 96 8 98 96 66 98

The Robert Shaw Chorale was notable [6] for its homogeneity of tone, finely wrought balances between vocal sections, elegance of phrasing, and rhythmic vitality. [5] Many of its members were recruited from Juilliard and other NYC-area conservatories, [7] sometimes to the consternation of those singers’ voice teachers: Shaw was fond in later years of relating that when he was preparing to take the Chorale on a grueling . tour of 86 one-night stands performing Bach’s lengthy Mass in B Minor , several teachers protested that he would ruin their students’ voices. At the end of the tour, when teachers remarked with astonishment that the voices had actually improved, Shaw replied to the effect that “Bach has been teaching singing.” Alumni of the Chorale include a number of singers who had significant careers as solo artists, including sopranos Yvonne Ciannella and Shirlee Emmons , alto Florence Kopleff , tenors Seth McCoy and Jon Humphrey, and baritone Thomas Pyle and several others who have worked with distinction as directors of their own choruses, such as Clayton Krehbiel, Donald Craig, and Maurice Casey.

Although his formative years and much of his work occurred before the rise of mainstream interest in informed historic performance practice, his recordings, reflecting his insistence that clearly projected texts serve as the foundation for musical interpretation, do not sound dated in comparison to more modern efforts by frequently smaller forces. He created techniques and approaches still in use today. 96 69 98 96 65 98

After the war, the Union Army disinterred and reburied all the remains—including, presumably, those of Col. Shaw—at the Beaufort National Cemetery in Beaufort, South Carolina. Their gravestones were marked as "unknown". 96 97 98


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