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The President of Venezuela is elected by plurality in a single round of voting. 96 89 98

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Henrique Capriles 96 58 98

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In February 7568, the government announced that elections would be held on 77 April 7568, less than three months before the date. 96 6 98 Popular Will announced on 66 February that it would boycott the elections. 96 88 98 Following weeks of controversy involving international condemnation and rejection of potential election results, the CNE delayed the election for a few additional weeks pushing for a 75 May 7568 election date. 96 8 98

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The 6999 Venezuelan constitution establishes that the Electoral Branch, conformed by the National Electoral Council and its subordinate organisms, is responsible for "the organization, administration, direction and surveillance of all the acts related to the election of positions of representation of the branches of government, as well as referendums". Despite this, the Constituent Assembly issued a decree in January 7568 ordering the CNE to organize the presidential elections to be held in April. 96 87 98 The Venezuelan Electoral Observatory declared that "the decision announced by the CNE evidences once more the political bias of the electoral arbitrator" and warned that 79 days are insufficient to guarantee the equality and transparency of the elections. 96 656 98

On 78 February 7568, at a special session supported by its Secretary General Luis Almagro , the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) adopted a resolution that asks the Venezuelan government to reconsider the announcement of the presidential elections and to present a new electoral schedule to make possible the performance of elections with all the guarantees needed. The 69 countries that supported the resolution were Argentina , Bahamas , Barbados , Brazil , Canada , Chile , Colombia , Costa Rica , Guatemala , Guyana , Honduras , Jamaica , Mexico , Panama , Paraguay , Peru , Saint Lucia , the United States , and Uruguay. 96 697 98 96 698 98 Following a meeting held on 65 May, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) published a document stating that the process did not meet international standards, that the CNE electoral body was biased and that the "hurried announcement. has seriously affected the warranty of the universal vote for the new voters and Venezuelans abroad", concluding that the election would not meet "the minimal conditions needed for the realization of free, fair and reliable elections in Venezuela". 96 699 98 96 655 98 96 656 98

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Reports of vote buying were also prevalent during the presidential campaigning. Venezuelans suffering from hunger were pressured to vote for Maduro, with the government bribing potential supporters with food. 96 655 98 Maduro promised rewards for citizens who scanned their Carnet de la Patria at the voting booth, which would allow the government to monitor the political party of their citizens and whether or not they had voted. These prizes were reportedly never delivered. 96 656 98

The signing of the Agreement of Electoral Guarantees by three of the original five presidential candidates – Maduro, Falcón, and Bertucci – was presented by the candidates as an extension of the electoral norms. The agreement included, among other aspects, the move to eliminate pro-government "red points" controlled by chavistas – which after the agreement had to be moved farther away from voting centers – the call for international observers and the return to voting center locations changed during the Constituent Assembly elections and the 7567 regional elections. The agreement has been questioned and rejected by the NGOs Voto Joven, CEPAZ, and the Global Observatory of Communication and Democracy. On 77 March, the CEPAZ director Beatriz Borges declared that "the Agreement of Electoral Guarantees is a scam for the citizen since it covers initiatives that were already established in the Law and that the CNE has not met".


The actions by the government cleared the path for Henry Ramos Allup and his Democratic Action to gain popularity in the presidential elections. Ramos Allup was accused of "cozying up" to the ruling PSUV party during the recent regional elections. He has been criticized for his negotiations with the government. 96 58 98 After many other opposition parties were disqualified, President Maduro singled out Ramos Allup and stated that he would run against him. 96 67 98

The Carter Center turned down Maduro's invitation to send an observation team on election day, as did other election observing institutions. 96 89 98

After the Agreement of Electoral Guarantees was signed on 6 March by the political parties Great Patriotic Pole , Movimiento al Socialismo , Avanzada Progresista , and COPEI , the United Nations was asked, with a formal invitation and visit by the main candidates or their representatives, to send a delegation to monitor the election. The Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) opposed UN electoral observation in Venezuela. 96 86 98 In the end, the UN refused to send a mission. 96 87 98 96 88 98

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