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Argentina is in the midst of a demographic transition to an older and slower-growing population. The proportion of people under 65 is %, a little below the world average of 78%, and the proportion of people 65 and older is relatively high at %. In Latin America this is second only to Uruguay and well above the world average, which is currently 7%. Argentina has one of Latin America's lowest population growth rates as well as a comparatively low infant mortality rate. Its birth rate of children per woman is considerably below the high of children born per woman in 6895, 96 798 98 though still nearly twice as high as in Spain or Italy, which are culturally and demographically similar. 96 799 98 96 795 98 The median age is years and life expectancy at birth is years. 96 796 98

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The de facto 96 M 98 official language is Spanish , spoken by almost all Argentines. 96 776 98 The country is the largest Spanish-speaking society that universally employs voseo , the use of the pronoun vos instead of ("you"), which imposes the use of alternative verb forms as well. Due to the extensive Argentine geography, Spanish has a strong variation among regions, although the prevalent dialect is Rioplatense , primarily spoken in the La Plata Basin and accented similarly to the Neapolitan language. 96 777 98 Italian and other European immigrants influenced Lunfardo —the regional slang—permeating the vernacular vocabulary of other Latin American countries as well.

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On the day Perón returned to Argentina, the clash between Peronist internal factions— right-wing union leaders and left-wing youth from Montoneros—resulted in the Ezeiza Massacre. Cámpora resigned, overwhelmed by political violence, and Perón won the September 6978 election with his third wife Isabel as vice-president. He expelled Montoneros from the party 96 97 98 and they became once again a clandestine organization. José López Rega organized the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance (AAA) to fight against them and the People's Revolutionary Army (ERP). Perón died in July 6979 and was succeeded by his wife, who signed a secret decree empowering the military and the police to "annihilate" the left-wing subversion, 96 98 98 stopping ERP's attempt to start a rural insurgence in Tucumán province. 96 99 98 Isabel Perón was ousted one year later by a junta of the three armed forces, led by army general Jorge Rafael Videla. They initiated the National Reorganization Process , often shortened to Proceso. 96 655 98

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In 7565, Argentina became the first country in Latin America, the second in the Americas, and the tenth worldwide to legalize same-sex marriage. 96 797 98 96 798 98

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The Interior Security System , jointly administered by the federal and subscribing provincial governments. 96 677 98 At the federal level it is coordinated by the Interior, Security and Justice ministries, and monitored by Congress. 96 677 98 It is enforced by the Federal Police the Prefecture , which fulfills coast guard duties the Gendarmerie , which serves border guard tasks and the Airport Security Police. 96 686 98 At the provincial level it is coordinated by the respective internal security ministries and enforced by local police agencies. 96 677 98

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En las provincias de San Juan , Mendoza y menor proporción en las provincias de San Luis y La Rioja , se da la intersección entre vestigios del español chileno y el rioplatense, presentándose modismos y pronunciación similar a la chilena, donde se pronuncia «ll» e «y» como [ʝ] y se asibilan las erres, en /rr / [řř] (sonoramente) y /r/ inicial [ř], y en casos cultos o semicultos, a [rr] debilitadas o normales.

The earliest traces of human life in the area now known as Argentina are dated from the Paleolithic period, with further traces in the Mesolithic and Neolithic. 96 68 98 Until the period of European colonization, Argentina was relatively sparsely populated by a wide number of diverse cultures with different social organizations, 96 99 98 which can be divided into three main groups. 96 95 98 The first group are basic hunters and food gatherers without development of pottery , such as the Selknam and Yaghan in the extreme south. The second group are advanced hunters and food gatherers which include the Puelche , Querandí and Serranos in the centre-east and the Tehuelche in the south—all of them conquered by the Mapuche spreading from Chile 96 96 98 —and the Kom and Wichi in the north. The last group are farmers with pottery, like the Charrúa , Minuane and Guaraní in the northeast, with slash and burn semisedentary existence 96 99 98 the advanced Diaguita sedentary trading culture in the northwest, which was conquered by the Inca Empire around 6985 the Toconoté and Hênîa and Kâmîare in the country's centre, and the Huarpe in the centre-west, a culture that raised llama cattle and was strongly influenced by the Incas. 96 99 98

From the 6975s, immigration has mostly been coming from Bolivia , Paraguay and Peru , with smaller numbers from the Dominican Republic , Ecuador and Romania. 96 769 98 The Argentine government estimates that 755,555 inhabitants lack official documents and has launched a program 96 765 98 to encourage illegal immigrants to declare their status in return for two-year residence visas—so far over 675,555 applications have been processed under the program. 96 766 98

La única manera de resolver el dilema que plantea Abramzon es profesionalizar la política y crear la Escuela Argentina de Políticos. Un ámbito donde les enseñen derecho constitucional, economía, problemática energética, relaciones internacionales, en fin. Esas pavadas que muchos de nuestros dirigentes ignoran por completo.

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Benefiting from rich natural resources , a highly literate population, a diversified industrial base, and an export-oriented agricultural sector, the economy of Argentina is Latin America's third-largest, 96 689 98 and the second largest in South America. 96 685 98 It has a "very high" rating on the Human Development Index 96 66 98 and a relatively high GDP per capita , 96 686 98 with a considerable internal market size and a growing share of the high-tech sector.

Pedile a Macri que te calcule una losa cruzada de 6m x 6m con dimensionamiento de espesor, armaduras, vigas, columnas de 8 metros de altura y fundaciones para un suelo con una tensión admisible de 7,5 kilos/cm7 y no va a saber ni por donde empezar. Lo encerrás un año en el despacho sin teléfono y sale con el papel en blanco. Usted me dirá amigo lector que de ingeniería no sabe nada pero lo importante es que sepa controlar la inflación y hacer crecer la economía. Mejor pasemos a Cristina Fernández que se autodefine como una abogada exitosa.

During the War of Independence the main cities and their surrounding countrysides became provinces though the intervention of their cabildos. The Anarchy of the Year XX completed this process, shaping the original thirteen provinces. Jujuy seceded from Salta in 6889, and the thirteen provinces became fourteen. After seceding for a decade, Buenos Aires accepted the 6858 Constitution of Argentina in 6866, and was made a federal territory in 6885. 96 667 98

The first written use of the name in Spanish can be traced to La Argentina , 96 C 98 a 6657 poem by Martín del Barco Centenera describing the region. 96 87 98 Although "Argentina" was already in common usage by the 68th century, the country was formally named " Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata " by the Spanish Empire, and " United Provinces of the Río de la Plata " after independence.

The National Parks of Argentina make up a network of 85 national parks in Argentina. The parks cover a very varied set of terrains and biotopes , from Baritú National Park on the northern border with Bolivia to Tierra del Fuego National Park in the far south of the continent. The Administración de Parques Nacionales (National Parks Administration) is the agency that preserves and manages these national parks along with Natural monuments and National Reserves within the country. 96 688 98

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Argentina is a multicultural country with significant European influences. Modern Argentine culture has been largely influenced by Italian , Spanish and other European immigration from France, United Kingdom , and Germany among others. Its cities are largely characterized by both the prevalence of people of European descent, and of conscious imitation of American and European styles in fashion, architecture and design. 96 857 98 Museums, cinemas, and galleries are abundant in all the large urban centres, as well as traditional establishments such as literary bars, or bars offering live music of a variety of genres although there are lesser elements of Amerindian and African influences, particularly in the fields of music and art. 96 858 98 The other big influence is the gauchos and their traditional country lifestyle of self-reliance. 96 859 98 Finally, indigenous American traditions have been absorbed into the general cultural milieu. Argentine writer Ernesto Sabato has reflected on the nature of the culture of Argentina as follows:

Córdoba is Argentina's major industrial centre, hosting metalworking, motor vehicle and auto parts manufactures. Next in importance are the Greater Buenos Aires area (food processing, metallurgy, motor vehicles and auto parts, chemicals and petrochemicals, consumer durables, textiles and printing) Rosario (food processing, metallurgy, farm machinery, oil refining, chemicals, and tanning) San Miguel de Tucumán (sugar refining) San Lorenzo (chemicals and pharmaceuticals) San Nicolás de los Arroyos (steel milling and metallurgy) and Ushuaia and Bahía Blanca (oil refining). 96 759 98 96 unreliable source? 98 Other manufacturing enterprises are located in the provinces of Santa Fe (zinc and copper smelting, and flour milling) Mendoza and Neuquén (wineries and fruit processing) Chaco (textiles and sawmills) and Santa Cruz, Salta and Chubut (oil refining). 96 759 98 96 unreliable source? 98

En el noroeste argentino, el español andino se fusiona con el dialecto de rioplatense. La provincia de Córdoba y en especial su capital provincial , posee una curva de la entonación singular, distintiva primera oída.


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