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Soon after, Coraline and her parents, who have finally finished their catalog, host a garden party for their neighbors. Wybie brings his grandmother, Mrs. Lovat, and Coraline prepares to tell her about her sister's fate.

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Коралина дошла до входной двери, обернулась. Они все еще наблюдали за ней, все так же улыбаясь и покачивая головами. Коралина вышла и спустилась по лестнице.

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На улице почти стемнело, а дождь все продолжался, стучал в окна и искажал свет фар многочисленных автомобилей, мчавшихся по улице.

"No," said Coraline, "it's just raining. Can I go outside?"

– Или говорить о шотландском футболе? – добавила мисс Форсибл.

There were other people who lived in the old house.

When a shy groom practices his wedding vows in the inadvertent presence of a deceased young woman, she rises from the grave assuming he has married her.

She turned on the television. She went from channel to channel to channel, but there was nothing on but men in suits talking about the stock market, and schools programmes. Eventually, she found something to watch: it was the last half of a natural history programme about something called protective coloration. She watched animals, birds and insects which disguised themselves as leaves or twigs or other animals to escape from things that could hurt them. She enjoyed it, but it ended too soon, and was followed by a programme about a cake factory.

Мисс Форсибл сделала реверанс, собаки снова зааплодировали. На этот раз Коралина не захлопала.

– Хорошей тебе прогулки, – сказала ее другая мама.

Наконец старик одолел лестницу и подошел так близко, что кончики его усов коснулись ее уха.

– Не уходи, – попросила Коралина. – Пожалуйста. Прости меня.


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Una espeluznante novela de Neil Gaiman, señores. In Coraline's family's new flat are twenty-one windows and fourteen doors.